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Adding filler to the jaw and cheeks creates smooth contours in the face for a more youthful appearance.


NOTE - this will not work if your jaw is weak due to excess fat/weight gain. We always advice a free consultation prior to your appointment to discuss how much approximately you will need although this could change during treatment depending how the filler sits under your skin/tissue. We always advise Muscle relaxing injections in your masseter 6 weeks prior to this treatment if your jaw muscle is strong as if it is too strong you will not achieve the best results.
( Disclaimer *this can take a few sessions to build and there is no guarantee the results will last the time frame mentioned above- medicine is not an exact science - the results indicated above are an average not a guarantee* )

Quick Questions

Does it hurt?

The treatment isn’t completely pain free but usually most people say it’s like a sharp scratch or pinch feeling. A numbing cream is applied to make it more comfortable. It all depends from person to person but usually most say it wasn’t as bad as they expected.

Do you use a numbing cream?

Yes numbing is used prior to treatment.

How long does it take?

The full treatment Including consultation, numbing, prep/aftercare etc is 45 mins-1hour depending on which area I am injecting: Actually injecting the lips or other areas is from 5-15 mins depending on person/techniques.

Will I bruise?

When we are using needles it’s more than likely you will bruise. Some people bruise more than others and some people never bruise. When injecting we can’t see under the skin so it’s hard to say if you will bruise on the day. I always say plan having your treatments 2 weeks prior to any events incase of bruising and swelling.

CAN enhance a weak jaw/chin and define the jawline.
Reduce appearance of a double chin ( note this is not liposuction and will not remove one )
balancing the side profile
Durability : 12-18 months depending on individual/lifestyle etc.
Time taken : 10-15 minutes

Jawline/Chin Enhancement PRICING

Adding filler to the jaw and cheeks creates smooth contours in the face for a more youthful appearance.

Jawline/Chin Enhancement PORTFOLIO

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